Racenight Recap Thursday July 16, 2015

Posted by Tom on August 3, 2015


FactoryFour400.jpgThursday July 16th marked the 5th racenight of the 2015 season.  We had “Young Bloods Night” featuring interviews of some of our teenaged drivers by track announcer Spanky Robinson on the frontstretch at intermission. 

The night got started under clear skies and warm weather.  The Canadian national anthem was sung by guest Brent Royer, then cars fired up and our racenight began with Australian Pursuits in the Maitland Motors Factory Stock, Dynatype Motorsports Modified, and Northern Fencing Factory Four divisions.  Prouse Motors Super Late models were also running during the evening.

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Kevin Oicle #88 Laird Modified

Posted by Tom on July 17, 2015

Kevin Oicle200.jpgKevin Oicle has been racing on and off at Laird since the track opened in 1999.  He began in the factory stock division and raced that for a couple years.   Kevin said, “I bought a car from Rob Sartini.  I had Nick Kozak lend me a motor.  We struggled and finally got the car together.  We decided to come out, and made it to the track half way through the night.  We came out, started at the back of the pack, then won the feature.  It was the first time I was at this track racing and I won the feature.  We had a good car.”

Kevin’s stepson, Taylor McBride, piped in and said, “He says it’s a good car, but it’s also a good driver driver behind it”.

Kevin continued, “I raced Sportsman too.  I ran a couple years in the sportsman division.  As soon as they added the modified, I moved into that class.  I’ve taken a couple years off here and there.”

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Racenight Recap Thursday July 9, 2015

Posted by Tom on July 14, 2015

 Thursday July 9, 2015 marked our fourth racenight of the season.  We had a nice warm day, with sunny skies to start the program, gradually turning slightly overcast and cooling as the evening progressed.  The weather couldn’t have been better.

BusRide400.jpgIt was a kids night at the track, with a school bus ride at intermission, plus free face painting, then a school bus race at the end of the evening program.

The Prouse Motors Super Late Models had the evening off so we held an Australian pursuit, two heats, and a feature in each of the other three divisions.  

For those that don’t know how an Australian pursuit works, here it is:  The Australian Pursuit is an elimination race.  Cars line up single file and begin.  Any car getting passed during the race is eliminated and leaves the track.  At the end only the car in the lead gets a point.   At Laird these races are usually just 8 laps and run quick.

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Factory Four Division Changes

Posted by Tom on July 13, 2015

Fans may have noticed a decrease in the number of cars in the Factory Four division this year.  A few years ago we had nights were about 25 cars were running in the division.  This year there are about 10 regulars running.  A meeting was held today between track management and the division's drivers to see what can be done to bring some of these cars back to the track.

One problem identified was the cost of racing these cars.  Like in other divisions, the cost has increased and the payouts in the division haven't kept up.  To improve things, track promoter Donnie Varcoe has increased the payouts in the division to $75 for every car that starts the feature, and $80 for the winner.  Many tracks that have a four cylinder division have no payouts for the cars.  For this week coming up, we will also be having a Factory Four special, and instead of offering just the winner a larger payout, the money will be spread amongst drivers, by giving them all and additional $25 to start the feature.  That makes for $100 in payout for each car that takes the green. 

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