Eric Brown, #13x Factory Stock

Posted by Tom on July 10, 2015

EricBrown200.jpgEric Brown has been one of those “fixtures” at Laird for many years.  He began racing at Laird in 2004 and up until this year has run in the Factory Four division only.  The kids will recognize Eric as “Spiderman”.  His normal number is #23.  His best finish of a season was in 2012 when he came in 4th in the points standings.

Eric hasn’t had his own car out for a couple seasons.  Eric said, “All last season I waited for some bearings, they never came in.  Dave King and his wife Jennifer allowed me to use their car for the season last year.  It’s nice to have friends like that out here, willing to lend me some seat time.”  Last season Eric was running in the green and white #31 previously driven by Jenn King.  He said, “It was actually #23 last year,  I duct taped the number over the 31.”

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Racenight Recap - Thursday July 2, 2015

Posted by Tom on July 5, 2015

kids rides400.jpgThe evening of Thursday July 2nd brought us some great racing, under sunny skies and warm temperatures.  During intermission we had race car rides for the kids, and following the show we had our first bus race of the season.  Originally scheduled for the night was a Sprint Car show, but the promoter of that travelling event was forced to cancel due to insufficient car counts.

We had longer features in the Factory Four, Laird Modified, and Factory Stock divisions, with some good payouts for the feature winners in each of those divisions, so drivers were putting forth their best efforts to get the top money.


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John Robinson - #27 Factory Four

Posted by Tom on July 3, 2015

 JohnRobinson200.jpgLike many others out racing at Laird, 40 year old John Robinson has always had a ‘need for speed’.  John said, “I’ve always been a type of guy for speed, and just lived for the adrenaline.  I’ve just always been that guy.” 

John got started out at Laird through a long time friend, John Carter, who also drives in the division.  John said, “John (Carter) and I had been best friends since he moved here from down south in grade 8.  He jumped into it a little bit before me.  I didn’t have time because I was on the road working for Gilbertson’s for years, I was only home every second week.  After he got into it, I started working at the steel plant so I had quite a bit more time on my hands so I jumped into it too.”

This is John’s third year out at Laird.  John said, “This is my second full year.  I started part way through the season three years ago.  I battled and had three different cars in the same year, then finally bought this one off Dave King when he put it up for sale.  Since then I’ve been building it up.  I’ve worked on the setup, and have done a bit of motor work.”

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Racenight Recap - Thursday June 25, 2015

Posted by Tom on July 2, 2015

SummerSanta.jpgAfter a couple more weeks of weather related cancellations we finally got our second race night of the season in on Thursday June 25th.  Although the forecast had threatened rain earlier in the day it all flew by a few miles to the south and the weather at the track was perfect for the event.  There was a bit of a threat of rain just at the beginning of the features with a large cloud just to the east of the track.  A few drops were felt but nothing of circumstance.  With the sun fairly low in the sky a rainbow was seen. 

The evening was sponsored by Service Rentals.  We had “Christmas in June” during intermission with lots of giveaways for the kids, and a candy toss.  Summer Santa was also on hand passing out candies to spectators. 

Brooklyn Brown sang the Canadian National Anthem then we kicked off the show.  We had a full show with four divisions racing.

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