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Our 11th Race Night of 2011 on August 11th

Posted by admin on August 15, 2011

We had another good night at Laird Raceway on Thursday August 11th, under a waxing moon. There were a couple of tense moments, but on the whole the racing action was quick and there were some great races in most divisions. We also had some fun and exciting spectator drags during intermission.

The KM Construction Stock Fours cracked the seal on the night’s race action with a single 10 lap heat with 11 cars on the track. Young rookie Tyler Praysner started on the pole and didn’t look back, winning the race with Chelsea Pace close behind, and Wes Greco after her. The first race ran caution free.


The Stock Fours were also first out after the intermission doing a 30 lap “Building Champions” feature. Matt Stadden started on the pole, with Wes Greco on the outside. Stadden led the first lap, then slid backwards through the race to finish sixth. Greco led laps 2 through 20, then was overtaken by Tyler Praysner. On the backstretch on lap 24, Greco tried to move under Praysner and tagged the Rookie, then as they were entering corner 3, he did it again, causing Praysner to spin. A pileup happened behind with Chelsea Pace and Leila Uhlman getting into each other, Pace left the track to change a tire, putting her at the back for a restart, Uhlman was able to continue. Greco was disqualified for the action. The race resumed and Praysner held on for a first place finish. Praysner was later disqualified in tech, being underweight, giving the win to AJ Daniel, Leila Uhlman second, and Chelsea Pace third.

Nine Maitland Motors Factory Stocks were out for their heat after the Stock Fours. Len Bibeau won the heat, followed by Marty Devon, Jamie Fox and Kyle Jarrett. In heat two, Bibeau repeated the win, followed by Jason Praysner, Fox, and Devon.

The Factory Stock Feature made it a caution free night for the division. Praysner led the first six laps, then was overtaken by Fox who led the rest of the race to the checkered flag. Second was Ted Ritchie; Praysner gathered third and Devon fourth.

The Rivercity Motorsports Modifieds got off to a rocky start. On the backstretch of lap two, Zak St. John took a flight up the start of the guardrail as a result of a bit of a pileup ahead of him. It started with leader Jamie Johnston spinning on the backstretch, and it got messy from there. The #2 of Zak St. John, running fifth, went flying up onto the guardrail on the backstretch and landed back on the track. Dan Byrnes was sent to the back after the incident, while both Johnston and St. John left the track – St. John on the hook. Mav MacDonald Jr. had a good restart, moving from third to first on the second lap of the race then rocketed out front of the rest of the field for the win. Second was Mike Scholz, with Keenan Spurway third and Jake Irwin fourth.

In modified heat two St. John returned, but not in his own car; he was driving the #57 of Johnston. On lap five, as they were coming down the backstretch cars were bumping each other. As they entered corner three, Irwin bumped Scholz up the track, into Mav MacDonald Jr. who was running outside Scholz at the time. MacDonald ended up spun, and with nowhere to go, Dan Byrnes clipped the nose of MacDonald. During the caution, on the front stretch MacDonald took retaliatory action and spun the #1 of Scholz. MacDonald received a black flag for his action. Dan Byrnes left the track via the hook, and Keenan Spurway also got a disqualification for hitting Jake Irwin on the backstretch – apparently causing the whole mess. The race resumed with Irwin taking the checkers, Scholz second, St. John third, Chris Miller fourth, and Dennis Smith fifth.

In the Modified feature a restart was required when Dennis Smith spun on corner 3 at the rear of the field. After that restart the field was able to complete a caution free 20 lap race. Mav MacDonald moved to the front early and by the end of the race had a third of a lap lead on the rest of the field. He was followed at the finish by Mike Scholz, Zak St. John in the #57, and Keenan Spurway.

For A&W Restaurant Late Model action we had a single heat, and a feature. In the heat the only caution came out when Darcy Reid having started at the front, slowed on lap three and slid down inside the track into the backstretch grass. As cars were slowing down, Keith King looped it on corner three, and a couple other cars touched. Keith King restarted in first place and held onto that position to take the checkers, with Roddy Bolduc Jr. in a close second, Terry McClelland third, and Paul McLean fourth.

In their feature, eight cars started in the Late Model field but before the first lap was complete Ted Ritchie Jr. had problems and left the track. By the end of the third lap of the twenty lap feature the finishing order had been arranged – Paul McLean led all laps of the race and took the win, with Keith King second, Terry McClelland third, Roddy Bolduc fourth and Steve Baraluk fifth.

The KM Construction Super Fours came out for two heats and a feature. In heat one Rebecca Fewchuk led the first six laps, but was passed by Jake Bourdage, who took the checkered flag; as well as Steve Ibbitson on the last two laps of the race. In heat two, the top three finishing order was the same. Tyler McMillan saw the black with a dq for not holding his line on the track. McMillan was struggling with his car not turning in the corners through the night. The finishing order in the feature was Jake Bourdage, followed by Rebecca Fewchuk and Steve Ibbitson.

The Jiffy Car Wash Outlaw Modifieds were out for a single heat and a feature during the evening. In their heat, Paul McLean led the first three laps, then on lap four was overtaken by George Wilson who moved on for the win. On the last lap, Tristan Anderson managed to squeak past McLean for second, Keith King finished fourth, and Roddy Bolduc fifth. Paul McLean did a bit better in the feature, leading just over half the race before being overtaken again by George Wilson for the win. McLean showed second, with Bolduc third. Tristan Anderson was in third place for the last half of the race, but lost control and spun coming out of corner four on the last lap, Anderson refired his car, but didn’t cross the finish line leaving him a last place finish. Keith King took fourth.

During our intermission we had an eight car Spectator Drag session. At the end of it all Mike Vanderloo took home bragging rights having beat out the other competitors in his red 2001 Dodge Dakota.