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Raceday Recap - Season Finale Sunday Sept. 20, 2015

Posted by Tom on September 25, 2015

After a couple of delayed attempts we finally got our season finale in on the afternoon of Sunday Sept 20.  The weather couldn’t have been nicer and we had a good show of fans out to watch some great racing.

Mav-Wes-400.jpgAlso out were a number of antique cars for a show.  They were out on the frontstretch during intermission and fans were invited to wander about to look at some of the nice sets of wheels.  Also out during the intermission were some 60’s vintage modifieds, courtesy of Mav MacDonald Sr.

We had Australian pursuits in three divisions – followed by heats in all four divisions, then after intermission we had our features, some of which were extended events.  All in all it was a great afternoon of racing as drivers worked to improve their standings in points battles, or tried to win some hefty purses.

Dynatype Motorsports Laird Modifieds

The Dynatype Motorsports Laird Modifieds were first out right after opening ceremonies for their Australian Pursuit.  Seven cars started, with Nick Kozak at the front.  Nick went unchallenged over the duration of the race and took the checkered flag.  Dustin Jackson drove hard from the back of the field, passed everyone except Josh Ware, then as they were coming out of corner four to the finish managed to get a nose past Ware to take second.

Ten cars were out for the Laird Modified heat a bit later on.  Nick Kozak had the pole, with Kyle Jarrett outside.  Jarrett raced hard on the outside for a couple laps edging Kozak for the lead, then on lap 3 Jarrett was a bit heavy on the throttle and slid through corner 4, dropping back a few positions.  Keith King was running right behind Kozak, with Josh Ware working to get outside of King.  Caution flew on lap 6 after Mav MacDonald Jr. looped the black #86, normally driven by his dad, in corner 2.  The group restarted with MacDonald at the rear, then caution flew again a lap later as MacDonald spun in corner 4 this time.

After the restart Dustin Jackson moved up to third after passing Ware.  On lap 9, Jackson outdrove both Keith King then Nick Kozak to take front spot and then the win.  Kozak was second, King third, Ware fourth, and Jake Irwin was fifth.

SalutetoRick-Mav400.jpgThe Modified feature was a special race with 11 cars out.  Before the green flag waved cars were paraded around the track by Joe Addison in his bright yellow hot rod.  As they paraded around a few dozen drivers and fans came up onto corner 4 to wave to Rick Ellis and Mav MacDonald Sr.   Both long time drivers had announced that they were retiring from driving.  Later in the pits Ellis mentioned that he had a hard time starting the race because he was teary eyed.

Nick Kozak had the pole with Kyle Jarrett outside.  Cars ran double file for about 2 laps before they started to space apart a bit.  A few laps in A.J. Daniel left the track with a problem.  Kozak moved ahead with Jarrett a couple car lengths behind.    A few laps went by with Mav MacDonald Sr., and Josh Ware running third and fourth and Dustin Jackson was in fifth.   The three went three wide down the backstretch and the result was Ware coming out taking third from MacDonald.  A couple laps later, MacDonald left a space under him on the backstretch and Jackson moved in and made a pass for fourth.   As the race progressed Kozak extended his lead on Jarrett to about 12 car lengths.  Both Ware and Jackson moved up side by side right behind Jarrett.  Eventually Jackson took over third place from Ware.  The first caution came out on lap 17 of the 50 lap race with Mav MacDonald Sr. taking a spin out of corner 2.  MacDonald had slowed a bit coming out of the corner and got set into a spin when Jake Irwin bumped the rear of his car.  Mav Sr. was out of the car and was obviously angry at Irwin.  Mav ended his final race at the track on the hook.  Irwin restarted 6th in the field of 9 cars remaining.

Modified-Jackson-400.jpgJust before the caution, Mav Jr. had overtaken Josh Ware for fourth.   The field restarted with Kozak still in the lead, and Kyle Jarrett second.  Within a few laps, Jarrett had Dustin Jackson working to get by on the outside and eventually he did.  Mav MacDonald Jr. also made an outside pass.  The race continued with Jackson catching up to Kozak and beginning to work outside.  Just before he could do it caution came out on lap 25 with a spin by Jarrett, who was now further back in the field.   Jarrett left the track.

The race restarted single file but within a couple laps we saw Dustin Jackson move up outside of Kozak and Ware move inside of MacDonald.  The four cars ran wheel to wheel and nose to tail for about 10 laps until Kozak slowed slightly coming out of corner 2 and Josh Ware right behind tapped him and sent him into a spin.  Jackson inherited the lead at that point, and Kozak was sent to the back.

The remainder of the race was caution free.  Jackson drove a nearly perfect inside line and Mav Jr. fought to keep up.  Mav attempted to get outside and alongside of Jackson a few times but just didn’t have enough to do it.  Jackson took the checkered flag, MacDonald second, Josh Ware third a ways back, Keith King fourth, Kevin Oicle fifth, and Rick Ellis finished his last race in sixth.  Kozak and Irwin finished seventh and eighth.

Northern Fencing Factory Fours

In the Northern Fencing Factory Four Australian Pursuit, nine cars started, with Anthony Manarino at the front.  John Robinson, who started second last, passed the entire field within a lap and a half.  Leaving only himself, and last place starter #59 Andrew Premo on the track at the end of just three laps.

The Factory Four heat was held just before intermission.  Ten cars took took the green with Jack Lannigan and Anthony Mannarino out front.  Caution flew on first lap of the heat after Mannarino and Jon Diodati traded paint on corner 2.  The cars made a double file restart.   By the end of lap 2, John Robinson had moved up from his third row start to take the lead.  Brent Fewchuk was running second.  Rebecca Fewchuk also moved up during the race to try and snag second from her brother.  Robinson took the checkers with nearly a quarter lap lead on Brent Fewchuk at the end of the race.    Rebecca Fewchuk took third,  Jacob Heimonen fourth, and Jon Diodati fifth.

FactoryFour-Robinson-400.jpgAll ten cars were back out for the feature race at the end of the night – the last race of our season.  Anthony Mannarino had the pole once again, this time with Shawn Greeley outside.  Within a  lap both the front starters had fallen back a bit and Rebecca Fewchuk had moved up to take over the lead, with her brother Brent second, and John Robinson third.  Fewchuk was able to hold onto the lead until lap 4 then Robinson took over.  Robinson had started in the fourth row and wasted no time to take the lead.  Robinson opened a gap on the others that never got closed.

The race ran caution free.  Jacob Heimonen got past both Fewchuks a few laps in and worked to chase down Robinson.  On lap 13 of the 20 lap race  Robinson began to lap cars at the back of the field.  At the end of the race only 4 cars were left on the lead lap.  Robinson got the win.  Season champion Jacob Heimonen pulled up second a few car lengths behind.  Rebecca  and Brent Fewchuk pulled up third and fourth respectively, about a half lap behind the leader.  Jack Lannigan was fifth, a lap down.

Maitland Motors Factory Stocks

Only 5 cars were out for the Factory Stock Australian Pursuit to do 5 laps.  Mark Porpealia led them off and held on to the lead for all laps to take the checkered.  No one was passed in the race, so all 5 starters finished.  Ron Raynor Jr. took a point for second.

There were seven cars out for the Factory Stock heat.  Missing for the night was Keenan Spurway who was in the running for the championship.  At the start of the heat Mark Porpealia had the pole, with Ron Raynor outside.  Porpealia led the first lap then was edged out by Raynor at the end of lap 2.  Porpealia didn’t give up and led lap 3.  Lap 4 was a wild one.  Raynor had moved inside, and Porpealia was outside.  As they exited corner 2, JP DelPaggio thought there was enough of an opening below Raynor to make a pass.  As they went down the backstretch though Raynor moved his way down to close the hole and DelPaggio then passed Raynor on the inside, below the white line.  Raynor didn’t like the move and bumped the back of DelPaggio’s car as they went into corner 3, and both slid up.  Raynor  came to rest down on the track entrance in front of the beer garden, DelPaggio was able to wheel it to stay on the track, but in the mix, Porpealia got caught and ended up spinning.  Caution flew and DelPaggio saw the black flag for passing below the white line on the backstretch.   

After the restart, Raynor and Porpealia ran side by side for a couple laps, with Raynor leading slightly.  Jason Praysner (out for his only run at Laird this season) was right behind and managed to get past both on lap 6.  Gerry Ross followed and got by Raynor on lap 7.  Jarritt Varcoe took over third from Raynor on lap 8.  At the end, it was Praysner that took the checkered, Gerry Ross second, Jarritt Varcoe third, and Daniel Bibeau fourth.

The Factory Stock feature was a 40 lap event, with nine cars taking the green.  Mark Porpealia had the pole with Gerry Ross outside.  Ron Raynor Jr. and Jarritt Varcoe occupied the second row at the start.    Ross got a good start while Porpealia’s car went a bit squirrelly, allowing Jarritt Varcoe and Jason Praysner to move ahead.  Ross held the lead for a couple laps with Varcoe and Praysner side by side behind.  Ross slid up the track allowing Varcoe to get inside and make a pass to take the lead on lap 3.  Ross continued to push up the track and Jason Praysner got by a lap later into third.  Meanwhile Josh Maitland had moved up through the rest of the field and was running fourth, then got past Ross for third on lap 6.  Caution flew on lap 9 after Porpealia spun out of corner 4.

The cars grouped together again for a restart.  Varcoe got a good start and quickly opened a lead on Praysner.  Praysner’s car was pushing up the track and Maitland took advantage underneath to get by for second on lap 14.  Two laps later though Praysner got under Maitland to retake second.  Caution  then flew on lap 19 as Porpealia looped it out of corner 4 again. 

Once again the cars lined up and Varcoe got another good restart with Praysner and Maitland lined up behind.  On lap 20, Chase Wilson, who was out running with a new #77 for the night, made a move under Gerry Ross for fourth, but his car went squirrelly, almost out of control coming up to the start/finish line.  Wilson quick to respond avoided a serious incident or a caution, but Ross was able to regain fourth.  On lap 23, Maitland made another pass on Praysner to take over second again. 

On lap 25, caution flew for a third time as Daniel Bibeau spun out of corner 4.   A moment afterwards Chase Wilson rolled up on the frontstretch with a fire raging under his hood.  Chase quickly climbed out of his car, and tow truck driver Dave Beatty was first to arrive with an extinguisher to put out the blaze.  Chase’s car was towed off and later we found out that the fire was from a fuel leak.  During the caution, J.P. DelPaggio went off and didn’t come back out.  J.P. had been running at the back for most of the race.  Since Keenan Spurway was a no show, DelPaggio secured the Factory Stock championship by simply coming out to start the night’s races.

FactoryStock-JoshMaitland-400.jpgVarcoe still had the lead on the restart with Josh Maitland behind him this time.  Varcoe opened up a 6 car lead on Maitland almost instantly, then Maitland set to work on catching up over the next few laps.  As they were completing lap 28, Varcoe’s car lost power coming out of corner 4 and Maitland got by to take over the lead.  Varcoes car rolled to a stop on the apron on the backstretch and that brought out a caution on lap 30.  Varcoe was done for the night.

The last 10 laps ran caution free.  Maitland restarted up front with Praysner and Ross behind.  Praysner managed to get up a bump Maitland a couple times during the final laps, and got up beside to challenge at one point but Praysner’s car was sliding around the corners while Maitland was holding a near steady line.  At the end Maitland had the checkered flag.  Praysner was second, Gerry Ross a close third,  Daniel Bibeau fourth, and Mark Porpealia was fifth.  Ron Raynor had left the track with a problem on lap 35 of the 40 lapper.

Prouse Motors Super Late Models

Five cars were out for the Prouse Motors Super Late Model heat.  Roddy Bolduc started at the pole with Keith King.  On the first lap, Bolduc got twisted sideways out of corner two, and with some great driving was able to save it, but not before Rob Hiiemaa got by for the lead.  As the race progressed, Hiiemaa opened up a lead on Keith King and Bolduc, then caution flew on lap 9 as Len Bibeau spun.   Bibeau left the track.   The field tightened back up for the restart.  Hiiemaa was untouchable after the restart and took the win over Keith King, second, and Roddy Bolduc third.  George Wilson also left the track on the last lap.

LateModel-GeorgeWilson-400.jpgThe Super Late Models ran a 30 lap feature, immediately after intermission.  Six cars were out, including  Steve Baraluk, who was absent during the earlier heat.  Keith King had the pole, with Roddy Bolduc outside.  Bolduc got a good start and moved ahead of King then opened a gap.  Rob Heiimaa moved up beside King, with George Wilson immediately following.  By lap 6 both Hiiemaa and Wilson were by King.  On lap 7, Hiiemaa slid up on corner 2, and Wilson took advantage to move past into second.  Wilson then spent a few laps to catch up to Bolduc and started trying high and low on Bolduc.  On lap 16 Bolduc went a bit high and slid coming out of corner two and Wilson saw the hole.  Wilson quickly moved up inside while Bolduc was wrestling with his car.  The two made contact on the backstretch and into corner 3, then Wilson took over the lead.  On the next lap,  as they exited corner 2, both were driving on the edge.  Wilson was sliding, Bolduc was worse and Bolduc ended spinning and bringing out the caution.  Bolduc was sent to the back on the restart.    Wilson had a bad tire rub that was smoking pretty bad during the caution laps, his front fender was rubbing on the tire.  He stayed out though.

On the restart, Wilson had the lead with Hiiemaa second.  As the laps wound down, Hiiemaa was able to keep up with Wilson but didn’t have anything left to get up beside to make a pass.  Wilson’s tire held in and he took the win.  Hiiemaa was second, Keith King third, Bolduc was fourth and Steve Baraluk was fifth.